SMT recently sponsored the Chico State Racing Team of California State University in preparation for their upcoming Baja SAE California competition.

The team have built their own car, including designing and building a two-stage reduction gearbox completely from scratch as part of their transmission.

SMT have given the team access to the MASTA modules needed to help complete their gearbox design, analysis and manufacturing undertaking.

“MASTA was pivotal in making this project happen.

Without the software, we would not have been able to design and manufacture the gearbox in confidence.

It really made everything so much easier for us be able to analyse the shafts, gears, and bearings all within the same program, and having design data is huge!”

– Chico State Racing Team of California State University referring to their gearbox design and analysis

The Baja SAE event is an annual intercollegiate competition that brings together the brightest engineering students pit against each other to design, develop and drive the most advanced off-road race vehicle they can muster together.

Each team is provided with the same unmodified Briggs & Stratton single-cylinder engine.

The competition is not just a straight forward best time wins but covers a number of disciplines including design, manoeuvrability, endurance and power efficiency.

SMT congratulates the team on their performance and commends the team members on their upcoming internship with Volvo.
To find out more about the team and support their campaign next year, you can visit their Facebook page or Instagram