Gear Solutions publishes article about how Cummins use MASTA as part of the process of optimising gear geometry to minimise whine and maximise robustness.

SMT’s MASTA CAE software package was recently featured in the Cummins article ‘Optimizing Gear Macro and Microgeometry To Minimize Whine and Maximize Robustness for a Diesel Engine Application‘.

A system approach is used to optimize the macro and micro design to minimize the transmission error while ensuring that robustness (bending, contact, scuffing, and micropitting) safety factors are not compromised.

Cummins use MASTA to optimise gear macro and micro geometry, minimising noise while maintaining robustness, for a diesel engine application.

MASTA’s System Deflection analysis and gear tooth contact capabilities within MASTA’s Advanced LTCA, enabled Cummins to achieve noise targets, pass project milestones and move on to production of improved designs.

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