SMT are proud to announce the formation of Smart Manufacturing Technology Japan LTD. (SMTJ), a subsidiary of SMT. The new office in Japan is the latest instalment of our expanding reach worldwide.

A lot of Japan’s excellent development and manufacturing companies in Aerospace, Automotive, Bearing, Marine, Off-highway, Rail and Wind, were founded by engineers full of monozukuri spirit.

That spirit will be the bedrock on which bonds will be built and nurtured between SMT and its customers.

SMTJ will support these engineers and the Southeast Asia area from our new Japanese hub.

“The opening of a new business unit on the Asian continent will substantially help keep close ties and build stronger relationships with our customers across the globe.

With growth comes exciting opportunities and I have full confidence that the new and experienced team in Japan will deliver and exceed the SMT values.

Alongside providing support and services to customers in Japan, the team will help open more doors to culturally proximate markets as well as provide greater access to sectors on the Australasian continent.”

– David Beedan, Director, SMT

Mori First Bldg. 4F, 2-593 Saiwai-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi
Kanagawa 212-0011 JAPAN
Tel. +81-44-589-8890
Fax. +81-44-589-8910