Last week, five members of the SMT team –  Baydu, Gareth, Marc, Mike and Rupesh – hit the road to visit the University of Warwick, one of SMT’s academic partners, to educate mechanical engineering students with real hands on experience of our MASTA software.

The tutorial sessions took place over two sittings and gave students a real taste of the capabilities of our MASTA software.

Activities included creating models, analysing gears, bearings and shafts and running advanced analyses on full system level transmission models.

SMT have previously worked with Dr Ken Mao on a research project: ‘Design of polymer composite gears’, funded by Innovate UK and SMT and MASTA has been used extensively by several students at the University of Warwick for their 3rd and 4th year projects.

“It was great to visit Warwick University and introduce MASTA to the students.

Using the software will help to put the skills learnt in mechanical design lectures into practice, giving an insight into how engineers work in industry.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the University and supporting Dr Mao’s work in bringing more practical experience into the course over the coming years.”

– Gareth Cooper, Lead Transmission Engineer, SMT