MASTA 10 Is Coming Soon

The next generation of transmission specific software which allows engineers to make efficient use of their time and company IP within workflows without sharing it externally is now available via scripting.

SMT will be hosting an upcoming webinar on the upcoming software release, ‘MASTA 10 – Overview of new functionality’, on Tuesday 23rd July 2019, to showcase the new developments in MASTA 10 and will demo three examples from the new scripting functionality including using the MASTA API in Excel, MATLAB and Python.

In-House Tools and Third-Party Software

The scripting functionality in MASTA enables engineers to spend less time on manual tasks of model building, running analyses and extracting results as well as allowing companies to utilise their own IP efficiently in design/development workflows without having to share it externally.

Scripting allows the user to interact with software outside the interface to integrate with MASTA models and analyses.

The software does not replace the expert engineer; it can, however, minimise the time spent by the engineer on manual tasks of number crunching and results and maximise their time spent making important design decisions.

Scripting and the MASTA API enable this and allows for:

  • Users to code in a whole range of languages from utilising third-party software including MATLAB, Python, Excel and any .NET language
  • Flexibility for the user to write in code they are already familiar with
  • Code to be written using common IDE’s (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio) for degubbing, intellisense and other development tools
  • Easy interaction with in-house tools

The Webinar Series is one of SMT’s vital training resources to stay up to date with knowledge, tips and tricks for all things MASTA.

“In a rapidly progressing field like transmission development, keeping on top of the latest advancements is critical.

MASTA undergoes constant development by our relentless team, based on customer input and the latest technological advancements.

In addition, there’s the constant drive to make MASTA an ever better and more integrated user experience.

As a result, you don’t have to be out of the loop for very long to become a little behind the times.

The MASTA webinar series aims to remedy just that and to get you back in the loop.

Whether it be the inclusion of the latest international standards, MASTA’s latest FE integration capabilities or expanded NVH analysis functionality.

The MASTA webinar series provides users with the most up to date advice and information allowing you to create an ever more accurate and efficient simulation environment.

The next webinar focuses on the brand-new functionality available in the much awaited MASTA 10 software release.

We’ll be covering everything new, including use case examples of the incredibly integrated scripting tool.

This places even more power in the hands of the MASTA user, allowing seamless integration of user written code to further enhance MASTA’s capabilities”.

– Senior Technical Trainer, Sam Webster, SMT

The next webinar on Tuesday 23rd July will demo three examples from the new scripting functionality, including using the MASTA API in Excel, MATLAB and Python. Register your place here.